Your Partner in Accommodation compliance

The ADA is an evolving regulatory act, based on the results of many legal decisions, and in some cases national health emergencies.

It can be challenging to stay informed and remain compliant, which is why for over a decade we’ve offered ADA administration services.

Workforce Accommodations™ is an expansion of those services to ensure compliance with the latest accommodations, including those not defined under the ADA.

Introducing Workforce Accommodations™

Workforce Accommodations™ is an expansion our ADA administration services that integrates with leave management.

Whether the accommodation is leave-related or an at-work adjustment, an ADA accommodation or another accommodation not defined under the ADA, our team partners with you to ensure your organization remains compliant.

Partnership Advantages with Reliance Matrix

Value on Day One for Employees:

  • Accommodation support beyond the ADA
  • Early identification and exploration of options
  • Medical and vocational investigations
  • Consistent tracking and audit trail
  • Integration with leave administration
  • Communication and education
  • Focus on Return to work
  • Secure administration portal
1m+ Employees served under our ADA administration program
21k+ Accommodations supported in 2021
66% of all accommodations recorded as leave related
4% of all accommodations recorded as a result of COVID-19 pandemic

Our experience in keeping employers compliant

Over the past five years (2017-2021), Reliance Matrix collected and analyzed benchmark data for accommodations administered under the Americans with Disability Act in our own book of business.

ADA Accommodations

At the foundation of Workforce Accommodations™ is ADA administration. We integrate at the case level, regardless of whether the appropriate accommodation is an at-work adjustment or leave of absence.

State Accommodations

All 50 States have some form of accommodation regulation and may follow the ADA. We keep track of all variation to keep you compliant.

Religious Accommodations

While not addressed under State or Federal ADA, regulations exist to grant workplace accommodation for religious considerations and we can provide you with the guidance to support.

Pre-Employment Accommodations

There are now requirements as early as the interview process to accommodate individuals, plus how to make accommodations after an offer has been made and before the new hire starts.

Maternity Accommodations

Each state has its own distinct laws governing maternity accommodations and understanding these nuances are critical for compliance.

Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

We provide efficient evaluations, recommendations and decisions, elevating the employee experience to include onsite visits.

Vaccine Exemptions

Supporting the exemption requests providing guidance on both qualifying and non-qualifying vaccine exemption accommodation requests is a standard part of our administration process.