Financial Protection

Group Disability

Medical insurance is designed to cover healthcare costs for things like doctors and hospital expenses but what happens when an employee is unable to work. Everyone who needs a paycheck needs to protect it. There’s where our Group Disability products come in.

Short Term Disability Plan Features

  • Flexible benefit amounts available on an employer paid, contributory or voluntary basis
  • Benefit duration up to fifty-two weeks
  • Benefit percentages up to 70%
  • Claims administration for self-funded plans available
  • Partial benefits available
  • Maternity covered as any other illness

Long Term Disability Plan Features

  • Flexible benefit amounts available on an employer paid, contributory or voluntary basis
  • “Own Occupation” definition of disability from 12-60 months, or to benefit duration
  • Elimination periods from 30 days up to 5 years (maximum period can vary by state)
  • Benefit percentage from 40% up to 70%
  • Survivor Benefit option provides a lump sum benefit to the survivor
  • Work Incentive and Rehabilitation Benefit option to encourage claimants to return to work
  • A variety of other optional benefit features available to allow you to build the plan that works best for you and your employees

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance Plan Features

  • Incremental coverage from $10,000 to $500,000 for employees and spouses
  • Guaranteed issue amounts for employees — often for spouses, too
  • Guaranteed issue amounts for dependent children
  • Option for spouse-only or spouse and dependent children-only coverage
  • Accelerated death benefit included
  • Portability available

Dental Insurance Plan Features

  • Orthodontia programs for child and/or adult care
  • Coverage towards preventive, basic and major procedures
  • PPO dental network provides over 130,000 provider access points nationwide
  • Option for cosmetic-oriented procedures such as teeth whitening and dental implants
  • Maximum Rewards℠ allows members to carry over part of their unused annual maximum

Dental Insurance

Reliance Matrix offers multiple plan design options to custom-fit the budget and service preferences of any employee population, including Traditional Indemnity and Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) options.

Dental programs can be written either as stand-alone coverage or as part of a package with other employee benefits.

Vision Insurance Plan Features

  • Basic Vision, a maximum covered expense/defined benefit reimbursement plan with optional network
  • Exam frequency is 12 months, lenses/contacts and frame frequencies may be twelve or twenty-four months
  • TrueView Vision® features the EyeMed® network
  • LASIK Advance™ available with most vision plans

Vision Insurance

We offer a wide variety of both employer paid and voluntary plans eye care plans that include benefits toward eye exams and materials such as prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses.

The Reliance Matrix eye care programs are available on their own, or in tandem with a Dental, STD/LTD or Term Life Insurance program.

Business Travel Accident

Our Business Travel Accident insurance offers benefits for key employees while traveling.

Business Travel Accident Plan Features

  • Total loss of use benefit
  • Accident weekly income
  • Available for groups of five or more employees
  • Aircraft pilot and crew coverage (any aircraft owned or leased by or operated on behalf of the employer)
  • Business-only or business and pleasure coverages are available
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Disability Guard for Doctors™

Most doctors purchase individual disability insurance (IDI) early in their career. But as their earnings rise over time, a coverage gap develops as their IDI coverage limits quickly become insufficient.

Available as a group benefit, Disability Guard for Doctors™ offers the broad coverage features commonly found in IDI, with the added ability to stack coverage. The program was designed exclusively to address the unique coverage needs faced by doctors while safeguarding their earnings and professional standards. MGIS acts as program manager in partnership with Reliance Matrix, whose underwriting companies back coverage with strong ratings for financial strength.

Supplemental Health

Accident Insurance

Health insurance can offset many of the treatment costs, but there are “hidden” costs as well: time lost from work, deductibles, co-pays, convenient meals for the family and transportation to and from doctor visits. Our Accident Insurance pays a range of lump sum benefits when an employee or covered family member are injured in an accident – whether or not they are hospitalized.

Accident Insurance Plan Features:

  • Guaranteed coverage — no medical underwriting
  • 24-hour and non-occupational coverage available
  • Optional accidental death and dismemberment benefits
  • May be purchased as 100% employee paid or contributory
  • Portability available
  • Option for employee-only, employee + spouse, employee + dependent children and family rates

Watch the video to answer questions you may have about Accident insurance and see how it can help for expenses not covered under many medical insurance plans. Things like, ambulance services, x-rays, physical therapy, medical supplies, childcare costs, and loss of income.

Critical Illness

Surviving a critical illness is a victory but the financial implications can be devastating and ongoing. Our Critical Illness insurance provides a lump sum cash benefit upon the diagnosis of a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, paralysis and more. Fully customizable plan designs can also accommodate a variety of child specific diseases such as muscular dystrophy, cleft lip/palate, cystic fibrosis, down syndrome, type 1 diabetes, cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

These benefits are paid directly to the insured and may be used for any reason, from deductibles and prescriptions to transportation and child care costs.

Critical Illness Insurance Plan Features:

  • Coverage from $5,000 to $50,000 for employees and spouses
  • Option for dependent coverage; all child amounts - guaranteed issue
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) compliant plan design available
  • Subsequent occurrence benefit
  • Recurrence benefit included
  • May be purchased as 100% employee paid or contributory
  • Portability available

Watch the video to answer questions you may have about Critical Illness insurance and see how it can help cover out of pocket expenses not covered under standard medical insurance such childcare or housekeeping help, loss of income – expenses you never thought about.

Hospital Indemnity

Our Hospital insurance provides a lump sum payment for hospital admission and an additional benefit for every day spent in the hospital. These benefits are paid directly to the insured and may be used for any reason, from deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions to transportation expenses and childcare.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan Features:

  • Guaranteed coverage — no medical underwriting
  • No deductibles
  • HIPAA compliant
  • COBRA-eligible, administration included
  • No pre-existing conditions or mental/nervous/substance abuse exclusions or limitations

View the video to answer questions you may have about Hospital Indemnity insurance and see how it can help with non-covered medical expenses that come along with a hospitalization that you may not have thought about.

Employer Benefits

  • Affordable alternative to major medical acceptance
  • Choice of affordable voluntary plans with minimal or no employer costs
  • Flexible, customized solutions
  • HIPAA compliant, COBRA eligible
  • Confidence of working with an industry leader in group benefits insurance

Employee Benefits

  • Guaranteed coverage — no medical underwriting
  • No pre-existing condition restrictions
  • No deductibles
  • Immediate access to benefits
  • Multi-plan PPO Network
  • Choice of physicians and hospitals with no “out of network” penalty
  • Point of service drug card through Express Scripts

Limited Benefit Medical

Limited benefit medical plans can be a tool for recruiting and retaining employees in situations where traditional medical benefits are not offered or affordable. These plans can also help by increasing productivity through reduced absenteeism due to illness, improving employee morale and as a means to provide the level of coverage required by law. For example, our Minimum Essential Coverage plan can help employers meet their obligation under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Types of coverage available include:

  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Dental/Eye Care
  • Life/AD&D
  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability

The SmartChoice difference:

  • Numerous available contract provisions for small groups
  • Guaranteed issue amounts with no medical exam required
  • High benefit maximums with several plan design options
  • Streamlined employee applications based on employer census data
  • Family owned small businesses 100% eligible (including spouses)

Why Reliance Matrix?

  • 100% employer OR employee paid coverage at same rates
  • Streamlined quote and proposal process
  • No minimum premium requirements
  • Products may be sold standalone
  • Available for 95% of SIC codes

SmartChoice Small Group Solutions

Small group coverage with big plan features

Offering quality employee benefits can be a big challenge for small business owners. That’s why Reliance Matrix created SmartChoice, an affordable, comprehensive benefits solution for clients with 2-19 employees.

Value Added Services

We offer employers a range of key value-added services to help their employees face life’s challenges.

Identity Theft Solutions

Being a victim of identity fraud is not only disturbing it can also require hundreds of hours to correct the damage. Our full-service identity theft remediation through InfoArmor® Identity Protection is a comprehensive recovery service that that will perform the recovery process for the insured, should they or a family member fall victim to identity theft.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee life issues can lead to missed work or reduced productivity. Through the three types of EAP services offered by ACI Specialty Benefits, employers may reduce health insurance costs, increase productivity, and improve employee morale. Employers have the option of choosing between three types of plans:

  • Standard: Telephonic intake only
  • Enhanced: Telephonic intake with 3 face-to-face sessions
  • Premium: Telephonic intake with 5 face-to-face sessions

All three options allow employees to access the program via a dedicated toll-free line that operates 24/7/365, to connect them with services such as health insurance referrals, legal assistance, financial counseling and work-life resources.

Travel Assistance

Travel emergencies can be stressful, On Call International travel assistance is a 24/7/365, toll-free service that provides pre-trip assistance, emergency medical transportation services, emergency personal assistance .